About NI Products - À propos

For over 28 years, NI Corporation has partnered with its customers to optimize Waste Management across their operations.

Having grown from an innovative start-up to a parent company with multiple subsidiaries, NI Corporation has continued to deliver breakthrough ideas and successful initiatives in close collaboration with its customers.

NI Corporation is proud to serve over 4,000 customers across Québec, Canada and the United States.

The company’s division, NI Products, Inc., manufactures and distributes waste sorting and storage products that promise the best possible recycling experience, whatever the setting. NI Products, Inc. offers locally made, recycled and socially conscious products.

“We offer advice first, products second.”

Our catalog features a broad range of products manufactured by us, as well as an assortment of leading brands from trusted suppliers carefully selected with our customers in mind.

Your faith in us makes NI Products, Inc. more than just a business. It is also a brand. Throughout our 28-year history, our passion for design and for customer satisfaction have been unabatable. As part of our pledge to produce socially and environmentally responsible products, we continually strive to optimize our manufacturing and distribution processes. The NI brand stands for local manufacturing in Québec, using recycled materials wherever possible without compromising product properties such as durability. Furthermore, by choosing our products, you are supporting local work-based training programs for young apprentices and adults returning to school.

The products we offer represent the simplest and most convincing form of innovation available at a manufacturer’s price.

We look forward to growing together with you.