Our line of indoor products has developed over the years by responding to our customers’ evolving needs and desires.

By using materials such as stainless steel and wood, which are resistant yet well-suited to indoor spaces, NI Products presents inspired collections that are ergonomic, durable and perfect for day-to-day life.

NI Products pays particular attention to the optimal use of recycled materials and guarantees that all products designed in-house are manufactured locally in Québec.

NI Products fully embraces the socially conscious business approach, as exemplified by its 10-year strong partnership with l’Usine-École Formétal, a trade school where students create a significant portion of the metal parts used in our products. This institution is dedicated to improving the employability of young dropouts in our region.

Join us in pursuing a better future for all. Start by checking out our most eco-friendly products.

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