NI Corporation continues to grow year by year by embracing challenges and seizing opportunities.
Today our planet is experiencing one of the greatest challenges we’ve ever faced: the impact of climate change. To respond to this challenge, NI Corporation has embraced the principles of sustainable development and put them into practice, applying social and environmental criteria alongside the economic aspects of its operations.

From the beginning, NI Corporation has committed itself to being a greener, more socially responsible enterprise. This is why the company strives to offer the widest possible range of Québec-made products made using recycled plastic. This approach not only supports the local economy but helps reduce the carbon footprint associated with product manufacturing and transportation.


Equitable development

In 2006, NI Corporation partnered with Formétal Inc. to promote social inclusion within the local community. The Montréal-based facility trains young adults who happen to be underprivileged and/or lacking in formal education. They are given comprehensive metalwork training designed to improve their employability. Many of the metal components used in the assembly of our finished products are either partially or fully fabricated at Formétal.

Based on the understanding that everyone has their own unique life journey, the faculty at Formétal offer young adults technical and professional guidance through real work experience and, particularly, individual and social support.

“It’s important to do your best because you don’t just come here to learn a specialized trade and earn some money; here they teach you to know yourself better.”
Mélanie Blanchard, electrostatic spray painter trained at Formétal

This successful company has been recognized for pursuing more than profits, earning an honorable mention for corporate social responsibility at the prestigious Mercuriades Awards Gala in 2009.

A commitment to sustainability

Every member of the NI Corporation team shares its president’s vision for sustainable development. By employing qualified professionals with degrees in environmental management, the company ensures it has the skills to help its customers meet and exceed their environmental management goals. This factor, albeit indirect, reflects our ongoing commitment to reducing the environmental impact of waste management operations.

NI Corporation is pleased to inform you about our forthcoming initiatives in support of sustainable development.

The company has always encouraged reuse – at its premises and those of its consulting clients – and has been working steadily with its partners and suppliers to recognize the value of unsold products and second-hand items. Having proven its feasibility, we are transforming the latter initiative into a brand-new Waste Smart Business Program. This project is an opportunity to bring together all three pillars of sustainable development within a single concept. We manage and promote the sale of second-hand items refurbished by our team, while donating at least half the stock to various community organizations (e.g. schools, daycare centers, retirement homes and other not-for-profit organizations).

We invite you to envision solutions that go beyond current practice. We hope that many of you will continu to join us in this program!