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When NI Corporation Holdings was created in 1993, it quickly found itself partnering with reputable organizations and great people.

Our expertise in Waste Management (WM) has been strengthened by our community – an active network of professionals ready to help you and your business. This community has helped bring both small and large-scale projects to fruition. For this we are grateful to those who placed their trust in us and continue to rely on us today.

With its wealth of experience, NI Corporation now has several divisions, each catering to their own unique clientele. The breadth of our client base is one of our greatest assets. Our divisions, with their complementary WM services, represent a unique matrix of service providers.

Having built our reputation with municipalities and large businesses, we invite you to browse these pages and discover the range of customers with whom we are constantly expanding our scope of activity.

Our clients

SoundHound NI Produits
Starbucks NI Produits
Cirque du Soleil NI Corporation