NI Products was established to help meet the needs of waste management professionals. Created by NI Corporation – a company specializing in waste management consulting – NI Products is a brand that strives to offer an efficient source separation experience as well as a simple and sanitary solution that is easy to manage and maintain. By choosing our products, you are helping to shrink our collective carbon footprint while also fostering a circular energy future. NI Products is committed to local manufacturing in Québec; its production facility is located on the north shore of Greater Montréal. Our product collections, which are made of stainless steel, aluminum or plastic, are built using recycled materials wherever possible without compromising product properties such as durability. Above all, buying from NI Products is a social investment: many of our metal components are produced by l’Entreprise-École Formétal, whose mission is to reduce dropout rates by deploying the skills of young people from the area. Our commitment to the community leads us to sponsor and collaborate with local organizations and cooperatives involved in creating spaces for people, regardless of their age, aptitudes or challenges. Furthermore, NI Corporation is celebrating its 25th anniversary in characteristic style, by launching an innovative Waste Wise Business Program. Because we strive to find the ideal solution for every customer who calls, NI Products also offers a selection of items from our best suppliers. In this way, we can provide a wide range of waste sorting and storage products under one roof. From mini office trash cans to recycling bins, from outdoor multi-stream hubs to underground containers and utility carts, we guarantee you can find it all here, and fill your list in a single order. Our division saves you time by selecting the highest quality equipment at the best possible price, while at the same time producing our celebrated NI Products designs by matching your stated needs with our proven waste management expertise. We appreciate your trust! This year, NI Products Inc. is pleased to present a unique new service we call NI Concept - custom designed products perfectly tailored to you and your spaces. Our latest venture gives customers the unique opportunity to participate in the creation of their very own product line. Call us today to learn more or to obtain a quote.
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