Emboldened by the growing demand for corporate social responsibility, NI Corporation is launching a smart platform to promote trading and sharing.


The Concept

Based on a proven concept within our business, the Waste Smart programTM promotes the circular economy while focusing on the reuse component of it. The program involves diverting products, particularly those we produce or distribute, prior to the disposal phase in which they are recycled or dumped – by repurchasing, reconditioning and redistributing them, thereby giving these products a second life.

Redistribution is at the core of the project; it is both the objective and the means by which the objective will be attained. At least half of the refurbished items will be donated to non-profit organizations. This is made possible by reselling the rest of the refurbished items. Items for resale are offered to the same groups at a cost favorable to them but still above the threshold for the project to be self-financing and adequately “re-sourced”.

Perhaps your group is interested but doesn’t currently have any items to invest in the program. There are other ways to participate. Because community organizations have different activities, structures and needs, we decided to extend the program across all our services, including equipment rentals and waste collection.

This program reflects our vision for green business and its role in supporting strong communities. We are excited about this new method for reducing our carbon footprint while helping build stronger communities. What about you?

Supporting the Program

By supporting our Waste Smart ProgramTM, you are investing in a circular energy future.

We will manage and promote the sale of second-hand items refurbished by our team in order to allow worthy organizations to benefit from the waste management equipment they require, either as a donation or at a favorable price. By extension, we can assess their specific needs in terms of equipment rentals or waste collection.

You deploy your supplies to help worthy organizations be better managed while also helping reduce waste in Québec. Most importantly, with your contribution to reducing waste and conserving both energy and natural resources, you are supporting a project this is both local and global in reach.

If you believe – as we do – in using our business acumen to tackle today’s environmental and social challenges, contact us today to learn more about this program.